Bill Sherhag | Director of Digital Media

Media and digital advertising savant, fluent in client satisfaction.

Bill’s knowledge of digital media is unprecedented, and his unique skill set can quickly launch your business to new heights. He thrives on partnering with clients to achieve their goals, and constantly works to stay ahead of the curve in regard to trends, strategy and technologies.

My passion is partnering with clients to achieve their goals, and I have over a decade of advertising experience focused solely on digital media. I work to constantly seek out the best advertising platforms and partners for our clients, and I am a firm believer that iSynergy’s ability to stay up-to-date on new platforms and trends is what separates our digital portfolio from the competition. Throughout my career, I have worked with both national companies and local business owners to develop digital campaigns and strategies. My personal time is spent golfing and watching reruns of Mad Men, and I have an uncanny knowledge of baseball stats and records. If you ever need a fourth for trivia or a round at Mill Creek Park, I am your guy!

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  • Video Marketing: EXPLAINED
    It happened sooner than even the biggest techies expected - but the future of marketing, specifically with video, is here… and it’s here to stay. Google is backing it, and social media jumped on the bandwagon years ago (in 2015, Facebook boasted an increase of 4 BILLION daily video views within just 7 months of […]
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    Grab your crystal ball, because effective marketing is all about foreseeing the future. Don’t own a crystal ball? Good news - you’re not alone. But, in order to be the best of the best in this industry, you do need to understand the marketing options that are at your disposal, and then USE those trends […]
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    Native advertising isn’t new; however, you certainly aren’t alone if you’re in the dark about its benefits. It is the hottest strategy in digital marketing, and we guarantee that most of your competitors don’t know about it. Beat them to the the punch!