Carson Fryman | Interactive Designer

Mild-mannered graphic designer by day… Colored-pencil-wielding artist by night.

Carson brings a fresh, youthful energy to the office – along with a great deal of talent. Her designs delight our customers, and as a Certified Hubspot Inbound Marketer, she knows that delivering results for the customer is our number one goal!

I am referred to as the “Token Mac User” among our team, because I am the only one in the office who religiously uses an iMac – or Apple products, for that matter (For some strange reason, nobody here thinks they’re as awesome as I do). In 2015, I graduated from Youngstown State University with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic + Interactive Design. My freshman year, like many students, I was unsure of the path my life and career would take. Luckily though, after speaking with several deans on campus, I was introduced to the Graphic Design program, and knew immediately that design was my calling. I fell in love with the idea and process of creating concepts that can be used and recognized around the world. Fast-forward to the present; I absolutely love my job. Even though my first interview lasted fewer than 15 minutes (and included a semi-awkward goodbye, due to the fact that I couldn’t figure out why my interview was so short), I left the office having a sense that I could do very well here. I received a second interview with Steve, and the rest is history. I am learning more each and every day, and I have more fun with my team members than I ever imagined – every day is something new!

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