McKenzie Cross | Brand Strategist

Glass half-full thinker with an eye for design and deliverables.

McKenzie is the master of public relations and customer service, using well-developed human and business instincts to achieve unimaginable outcomes. She is smart and insightful, and her positive attitude brightens everyone’s day. All great creative agencies have a practical presence, and she delivers that important balance to the iSynergy team.

Wife. Mother. Marketer. Coach. Listener. And, let’s not forget, avid people-watcher. I’ve been described as an “old soul”, although now-a-days, I’m pretty sure I’ve officially moved into the “just plain old” category. I’m enthralled by people with passion – passion for life, passion for others, passion for the things that make them tick, and I function at my best when I’m surrounded by collaborative, team-oriented individuals. My goal as the Brand Strategist at iSynergy is to help our clients dig deep – find their voice and, ultimately, see the world through the eyes of their customers! I believe in the importance of education (I have a couple of degrees, myself), but have also come to learn that life, co-workers, and clients will teach more than can ever be read in a book. Trophies are earned, not given. And, goals achieved with little effort are seldom worthwhile or long-lasting (Thanks, John Wooden). In my spare time (and, who are we kidding… I have four boys – there is no such thing as spare time), I enjoy intriguing conversation, a good glass of wine, volleyball/golf/yoga (in that order), family dinners, and game nights.

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