Reilly Lowery | Lead Developer

Coding genius with mad development skills.

Don’t let his easygoing personality fool you. Reilly’s ninja-like skills allow him to create anything his mind (or the minds of his co-workers) can conjure. His knowledge and passion for web design position him, and iSynergy, head and shoulders above the rest.

I enjoy spending my time learning as much as I can about everything to do with technology, security, and the modern web. I love using Linux OS, currently rocking Debian ‘Sid’. People sometimes ask me how I got into this line of work, and, to be honest, it all happened because one day someone randomly asked me to make them a website – I never turn down a challenge! So, here we are 10 years later, and I can’t imagine doing anything else: I’ve found my passion. Getting away from technology for a second, I also love nothing more than traveling to new places and doing semi-crazy things (like sitting on the side of a 1200 ft. rock ledge looking over my home town of North Conway, NH, or driving the whole west coast from Seattle to San Diego for 3 weeks). P.S. I also love conspiracy theories, ninja swords, and can quote pretty much any movie or TV show that is worth watching from the last 30 years… So, don’t get me started on any of that, or you better be ready for a long conversation!