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Website Redesign 101: What Your Dev Company Needs From You

You’ve decided you need a website. You hired the best agency ever. (I might be slightly biased.) Now what? It’s not as simple as you might think. Some people are surprised to learn that there’s a whole checklist of assets and information that your new web development company will need from you before they can […]

What You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing Right Now

At a digital ad agency, the only thing constant is change. Every day is different, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! We’re always working on new projects that leverage cutting-edge strategies with the latest trends in order to execute successful results for clients. (And, sometimes, this means transforming the conference room into a book signing […]

Video Marketing: Explained

It happened sooner than even the biggest techies expected – but the future of marketing, specifically with video, is here… and it’s here to stay. Google is backing it, and social media jumped on the bandwagon years ago (in 2015, Facebook boasted an increase of 4 BILLION daily video views within just 7 months of making video a priority).

Native Advertising: Explained

Native advertising isn’t new; however, you certainly aren’t alone if you’re in the dark about its benefits. It is the hottest strategy in digital marketing, and we guarantee that most of your competitors don’t know about it. Beat them to the the punch! What is Native Advertising? To begin to understand what it is, let’s […]

Four Companies with Omnichannel Experiences that Will Make You Jealous

Imagine you’re on your phone sitting patiently in a waiting room, scrolling through your favorite retail site. You find a couple of things you like and put those items in the online shopping cart.  But, of course, your name gets called before you can hit the purchase button, and you shutdown your phone… items still […]

Omnichannel Marketing: Explained

OMNI-CHANNEL MARKETING – Every time I read this term, I can’t help but hear a narrator’s deep, booming voice echo in the back of my mind (for fun, let’s picture James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman). Now say it together: “Omni-channel Marketing…”  I mean, it (literally) sounds great, but what the heck is it?

Mobile Marketing: Explained

If you are in advertising and don’t know the answers to these questions, you are already 15 steps behind. Mobile marketing isn’t the future, it’s the NOW, and as such, marketing strategy needs to have mobile marketing as its top priority.  More users than ever before are spending insane amounts of time engaged with mobile […]

Is Your Business Ready for the Upcoming Changes to Google Maps?

Google is in a constant state of evolution. Within the past year, there have been numerous changes to the very important first page of Google Search results. A few months ago, Google added a fourth spot to AdWords and removed the right hand rail ads. And now, Google is about to change the look and […]