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What To Expect When You’re Expecting (To Work At iSynergy)

Starting a new job can be scary. You might be asking yourself, “Who are these people? What do they want from me? How are you in my brain right now?” Just know that at iSynergy, we want to make the onboarding process as stress-free as possible and tell you exactly what we expect from you […]

Should You Use Pinterest Ads In 2020? A Definitive Guide

We think Pinterest is probably one of the best ways to diversify your digital marketing strategy, but knowing your audience is key to getting ahead with this visual social platform. Pinterest is home to over 150 million active accounts and over 10,000 pins. It’s one of the largest social networks, and the predominant base conducts […]

Why Website Speed Is So Important – The Ultimate Guide

Have you checked your website speed? You may be missing out on high-quality traffic and engagement if your site is unable to load as quickly as users expect. Site speed is arguably the most crucial piece of your digital strategy. Without a fast website, visitors tend to bounce off almost immediately, and Google is even […]

The Definitive Guide To Optimizing For Voice Search In 2020

Siri started off a voice search trend all the way back in 2011, which means if you have not updated your site for voice SEO, then you could be missing out on organic traffic related to queries through voice assistants. Originally the technology was not as streamlined or effective, but in today’s world, phones and […]

An Introduction To Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic is a targeting strategy (just as traditional is a strategy that may also be used). Programmatic is the automated buying and selling of online advertisements in real-time to your targeted audience, getting your brand in front of the right people, at the right time, in the right place, for the right cost. Programmatic advertising […]

Understanding Your Website’s Position On Google & How to Rank Higher

There’s nothing worse than trying to searching for your company on Google (using keywords related to your business) and realizing that you don’t show up anywhere near the first page results. It may seem like things are hopeless, but search engines DO want to help the best websites and businesses rank up above the rest. […]

Creating A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy In 2020

Most businesses have some form of active digital marketing; we hear about blogs that link to social channels and backlink profiles from 2017 ALL THE TIME…but neither of those things are a “strategy.” In 2017, a survey conducted by Smart Insights found that nearly half of all businesses had no strategic plan for digital marketing […]

WordPress Website Design Practices To Follow In 2020

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS and website builders of all time. In fact, websites built with WordPress account for 26 percent of all sites on the web. Search engines also revealed that WordPress has 2,740,000 searches and counting every month! So, if you have a WordPress site or want to build a […]

How Web Design Can Affect Your Digital Marketing Strategy

When putting together a digital marketing strategy, web design should be one of the first things you consider. How will your navigation, messaging, forms and other elements stand out to potential customers? It’s all about the details when it comes to enticing a user to engage with your site.

Understanding Your Site’s Domain Rating For SEO

Your domain rating (known also as domain authority) is a huge factor in where you rank in search engine results. With a higher domain rating, your website has the ability to shoot up in search engine results pages (SERPs) and may even hit in the coveted results on the first page. There are other SEO […]