What Can a Digital Advertising Agency Do for You?

Welcome to the future! In today’s world, we connect with people, shop, learn, create, and absorb everything digitally. So, naturally, advertising has gravitated toward the digital world in an effort to keep pace with changing times.

But where does the average business even begin? If your head is spinning at the thought of keyword strategy and link consistency, don’t lose hope. The answer is simple: with a digital advertising agency, of course!

Here are the top 7 things that a digital advertising agency can do for your business:

1. Manage Your Social Media Accounts

In order to appeal to your customers, especially the younger ones, start here. Social media is, without a doubt, a crucial piece of you business’ digital presence. The 55-64 age demographic is the fastest growing (and we already know that all the millennials are doing it), so social media’s impact on your advertising strategy is exponential.

At minimum, your business should have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. You may also want to include Instagram or Snapchat, depending on what works for your business. Some companies even go as far as to have a Tumblr page and a Google+ account.

If you’re not super tech savvy, hiring a digital advertising agency to handle social media is a good idea. Digital agencies take care of creating business profiles, managing pages, and creating content to post on your behalf. Additionally, they use Analytics to see things like which posts get the most likes and shares, or how many followers you’ve recently acquired.

2. Create (Relevant) Content

A digital advertising agency will be able to help you create the content you need for your sites, ads, and social media posts by utilizing their in house staff. Some agencies even help businesses generate their own blogs, taking over responsibility for writing and publishing posts on a regular basis.

The content your business creates is important – VERY IMPORTANT. It must be relevant to your business, but also to your audience – which ultimately builds trust in Google’s eyes (but that’s a story for another day). As such, you should strongly consider placing something so important in the hands of professionals – especially if you aren’t a writer!

Hiring an agency to prepare your content is not only beneficial for your business, it’s also beneficial to you as an individual (taking some responsibility off of your plate in order for you to manage all of your business’s other needs). Don’t neglect your marketing just because you don’t have the time to fit it into your own schedule!

3. Bring Innovation to Your Business

Advertising agencies employ creative people for a reason. Working with a great digital agency elevates originality and creativity, incorporating innovative ideas into your business and marketing efforts.

Since the world of advertising is constantly evolving, an agency helps you to consistently create something new to show your customers. It’s imperative to differentiate your company from others in your industry, and you can count on an agency to help you deliver awesome new content on a regular basis.

4. Keep Up With Advertising Trends

Besides providing innovative ideas, an advertising agency will also keep up with constantly changing digital marketing trends. If the best bang for your buck is shifting toward Instagram rather than Twitter, your agency will know.

For example, Facebook Live is a current hot topic in the digital marketing world. (If you’re not in the know, Facebook Live lets its users take live stream videos.) Agencies are acutely aware of Facebook Live’s impact on the bottom line, and can help you create and post these types of videos, ultimately giving you the ability to do live demonstrations of your product or service in real time in order to connect with your followers.

5. Create and Design Your Website

Do you have a company website? If so, is your website is helping to grow your business? If not, it should be.

What if you don’t have a website? Yikes. You’re a decade behind!

Instead of worrying about how to code or design a simple site, let a digital advertising agency take charge. They are experts in building a superb product, inclusive of SEO and a solid UX design – elements you can’t get out of the popular DIY website builders.

Websites are hard to make, and, as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” Don’t leave such an important element of your business up to chance. You’re not in the web design industry, so why struggle when you can get professional (creative) help?

6. Strengthen Your SEO and Track Your Analytics

An agency can easily manage your SEO and set up your Google Analytics page. What is SEO, you ask? It stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is of the utmost importance to your business – we’re talking super duper important.

Your agency’s SEO efforts will ultimately increase your site’s traffic, getting you more customers by putting your business on the (digital) map. When people search for a specific keyword related to your industry, your company should be one of their search results!

A great agency will take a look at your keywords, analyze the results, and review Google Analytics to see which of your SEO efforts worked and which didn’t. Keyword strategy is key.

7. Email Marketing

Everyone and (quite literally) their grandmother is online and using email. And, although it may sound too good to be true, email marketing has become a trendy part of digital advertising mix.

But, unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it looks. A digital advertising agency considers the whole picture. They help you avoid flag words so that your messages don’t hit your customers’ spam folders, and they know intricacies like what subject lines generate the highest open rates.

If 89% of companies feel that email marketing is essential for their promotions, why not see how it can impact your business, too?


Everything is going online. Period. End of story… well, close. If you want to make sure that your business is found, you should, without a doubt, consider hiring a digital advertising agency.

An agency brings a lot to the table, including creativity and innovation for your company’s brand, along with advertising expertise. Stay ahead of the curve! Contact iSynergy for more information about the services we can provide for your business.