Emerging Advertising Technologies | Coming 2017

Technology wasn’t created to allow the world to remain stagnant. In the last year, there was a blast of new technologies and tools had a drastic impact on marketing tactics. There is no time to sit idly by, because even though it’s impossible to predict the future, it’s vital to plan for it! Here is a list of our favorite emerging technology trends for 2017:


Mobile is the king of all digital platforms and won’t be dethroned any time soon. As a result, we will continue to see an increase in mobile-compatible platforms as potential marketing tools.

Interestingly, television is likely one of those platforms, since its reach is so extensive – almost everyone has a tv, right? Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, and other set-top devices are the key.

Amazon Echo, Google Home, and other in-home assistants are also garnering a great deal of attention. Don’t be surprised if notifications reach your home via one of these technologies by year’s end.


Google and Apple worked feverishly over the past year to eliminate the difference in experience between mobile apps and websites, as well as between mobile devices and desktop/laptop computers. The goal is to give users an increasingly seamless transition across platforms – ultimately providing an omni-channel experience.

According to RELATE Digital Magazine, Google’s launch of the Android Instant Apps and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) initiatives, and Apple’s expansion of popular iOS features (including Siri and Apple Pay) to desktop, reflect an emerging view of what users want from their digital experience.


Mobile-revolutionized marketing has arrived in a big way! It is now possible to collect more detailed data on customer preferences and behaviors than ever before, ultimately allowing marketers to build a more intimate, personalized customer-brand relationship.

As always, mobile devices will continue to have a massive reach. Google and other major tech brands are making it easier to track when a customer is at home or at work, as well as when they’re walking, driving, bicycling, or standing still. Wearables, like the Apple Watch, and fitness devices, like Fitbit and Jawbone, have the potential to kick off a new wave of body-focused customer data tracking.

This expansion of readily available data will allow send-time optimization to become even more effective, and will support a level of message personalization that surpasses anything else that is currently available. The most proactive brands will certainly use this type of information to elevate their identities in 2017.