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Logos of successful brands including Nike, Apple, and Amazon.

What Elements Make a Successful Brand?

Building brand awareness is a key part of any successful marketing strategy. Whether you have a startup or an international corporation, you need strong branding to foster customer loyalty.

Massive companies such as Nike, Apple, Amazon, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and many others, set themselves apart as some of the biggest brands in the entire world. Now, they don’t have any big secret that allows them to be so strong with brand building – they’re just a few steps ahead.

Big companies all know how to build a brand. Those who are a cut above the rest didn’t get there because their processes are vastly different. The only thing that sets them apart is that they know better ways to execute their strategy and integrate it throughout the entire company.

By utilizing these brand elements and techniques (and executing them effectively), your branding can reach the next level.

Stick to Your Brand Strategy

Everyone creates a brand strategy when they first start out. After your strategy is developed and finalized, you need to stick to that strategy no matter what. Consistency is one of the most important parts of developing brand recognition in your target market.

If you don’t stay true to your brand message, visual identity, and brand personality, you simply will not have a good brand. While there are times when rebranding is necessary (and effective), major changes early on only hurt your chances of reaching potential customers.

If you fail to be consistent in your brand identity, new customers will have a much harder time latching onto your brand. This is why research is of the utmost importance when building a brand, as you cannot afford to experiment too heavily with your branding in the midst of running marketing campaigns.

Have Strong Brand Values

Your brand’s values dictate almost everything your company does. By establishing strong values and using them as your North Star during decision-making, you will stay much more consistent and make better choices for your brand.

You will also see stronger brand loyalty among your audience when you keep consistent, strong values. When your consumers share the same values as your brand, the brand experience is heightened and attracts more customers.

Have a Unique Value Proposition

What are you giving the target audience that your competitors can’t? How are you going to enhance the customer experience through your brand? How does your new product meet customer needs and improve their life? Your value proposition should answer these questions, and your answers matter.

Everyone knows that your company needs to offer something of value to consumers to be successful. However, not many put in the extra effort to make sure that the value they offer sets them far apart from the competition.

Without differentiation, your brand means nothing to consumers. If you want your brand to succeed, you need consumers to know exactly what you can do for them — and it has to be unique compared to others in your industry.

Focus on Innovation

In order to keep delivering value to consumers, you need to always be innovating. While not an active part of brand building, innovation in your business helps you gain more loyal customers — and grow your brand.

Understand your customers’ needs and pain points then develop your company initiatives based on them. Make leaps in the industry to help meet your customers’ expectations and soar beyond them. 

Whether by your products themselves or your internal processes, innovation is the key to staying unique among the rest of your industry. Great brands do not get to where they are without changing the game.

Develop a Strong Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a big piece of the digital marketing puzzle. Good content is vital for new, small businesses and established, big companies alike. Consumers love content, and it provides an excellent branding opportunity for companies.

Be mindful of the type of content you choose to create. Does it make sense for your brand archetype? Are you using your brand voice effectively in your content? Does the content reflect your beliefs and values? Make sure the content you create makes sense for your brand and shows off your expertise.

Content marketing will build your brand authority and establish your business as a credible source of information and insight in your industry. This will lead to more trust from the consumers, and improve your brand positioning as you continue to establish yourself as a thought leader.

Social Media in Branding

In the past decade, social media has become a bigger and bigger part of branding practices for businesses. Strong brands use social media as a means to connect and communicate with their audience and tell their brand story.

Especially if you have a budding ecommerce business, social media is an excellent tool to build your brand online. Reposting your content on social media and making posts with brand elements, such as your logo or tagline, are great ways to get consumers to connect with and recognize your brand.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Your brand logo and brand name aren’t just a surface-level representation of your brand. Your name and logo have meaning because of what they represent: a company people know and trust.

So, how do you make your visual brand identity mean something? By telling a story that people resonate with. If you tell a compelling story about your brand’s history, how it started, and why it started, people will remember that next time they hear your name or see your product on a shelf.

When people connect to your brand via your story, you can turn them into loyal customers for life.

Building a Great Brand

Building a successful brand cannot be achieved at a high level using cookie-cutter methods and templates. You need thorough research on your target audience, an understanding of your business inside and out, and a well-planned marketing strategy to center your actions around.

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