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Social Media Trends for 2017

Having a social media strategy is essential, now more than ever before, because in today’s digital age, social media is the next level of marketing. Below are predictions for 2017’s social media trends, in an effort to help you plan for the year ahead.

The 7 Major Social Media Predictions for 2017

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Video Marketing: Explained

It happened sooner than even the biggest techies expected – but the future of marketing, specifically with video, is here… and it’s here to stay. Google is backing it, and social media jumped on the bandwagon years ago (in 2015, Facebook boasted an increase of 4 BILLION daily video views within just 7 months of making video a priority). Read more

Four Companies with Omnichannel Experiences that Will Make You Jealous

Imagine you’re on your phone sitting patiently in a waiting room, scrolling through your favorite retail site. You find a couple of things you like and put those items in the online shopping cart.  But, of course, your name gets called before you can hit the purchase button, and you shutdown your phone… items still in the cart. Read more

Omnichannel Marketing: Explained

OMNI-CHANNEL MARKETING – Every time I read this term, I can’t help but hear a narrator’s deep, booming voice echo in the back of my mind (for fun, let’s picture James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman). Now say it together: “Omni-channel Marketing…”  I mean, it (literally) sounds great, but what the heck is it? Read more

Mobile Marketing: Explained

If you are in advertising and don’t know the answers to these questions, you are already 15 steps behind. Mobile marketing isn’t the future, it’s the NOW, and as such, marketing strategy needs to have mobile marketing as its top priority.  More users than ever before are spending insane amounts of time engaged with mobile devices, and this is one trend that will surely continue for many years to come… Read more