Web Design Tips To Improve Your Website Traffic 

If your business has embraced a digital strategy, it’s likely that your website is the anchor of your marketing campaigns. Your web design and user experience go hand in hand, especially when it comes to the landing pages that you choose.

When you provide the best user experience, it’s easy for customers to find what they’re looking for and take the actions you want them to take. 

So what happens if your website is receiving traffic and clicks but no conversions? It’s likely that you need to improve some aspects of your website’s design. Here are some helpful web design tips we’ve found that will improve your website traffic and generate more conversions. 

Minimal Design, Maximum Speed 

Mies van der Rohe offered this famous advice, “Less is more.” You may think that customers want to see a ton of animated elements, product images or punchy messaging above the fold to tell them what to do. It’s actually the opposite. 

Minimal websites that focus on a single message and action work best for today’s on-the-go digital customers, but it’s important to figure out what your target audience is looking for. 

Instead of trying to fit in all kinds of elements, focus on the following:

  •  Make your design useful but simple
  •  Put more emphasis on high-quality content
  •  Make sure your navigation is easy to use
  •  Conduct user surveys to see how fast your target takes action
  •  Run PageSpeed Insights to clean up design elements that drag down your load time
  •  Refine and clarify your messaging on all landing pages 

When you design with minimal in mind, you also want to use sans serif fonts and optimized image sizes to reduce compatibility issues with your user’s devices and internet speeds. 

Add More White Space 

Crazy Egg conducted a study that found white space around titles and text increased on-site visitor retention by 20 percent. 

While you may want to add more messaging, sometimes white space is your best friend. By adding a little more white space, your content will be easier to read. Let’s not forget that today’s consumers move at the speed of light when it comes to online shopping. 

If they can’t understand your message, it’s likely that these visitors won’t stick around or recommend your site to anyone else. 

Make Your Call-to-Action Buttons Irresistible 

Every few years, the style of website buttons changes. From flat to beveled to bright colors, it’s important to look at current web design trends when it comes to conversion rate optimization. 

If users don’t seem enticed to click your buttons, your first step may be to change the messaging. These are some of the ways you can spice up your CTAs:

  • Try action verbs in your CTA text, such as “Reserve Your Ticket,” “Download App,” and “Activate for Free”
  • Studies found green and orange buttons get the most clicks, but contrasting colors make buttons more striking
  • Change your button shape to a modern rounded edge as a test
  • Button text should be large enough to easily read but not look obnoxiously large
  • Reduce button text to less than 4 words
  • State your value proposition in the CTA text, such as “Download Free Ebook” or “Start Free Trial”
  • Add shadows or other effects to make your CTA button stand out  

In addition, you should add a small line of text under the button that guarantees security and privacy or provides a “call us at XXX-XXX-XXXX” CTA. 

Design Non-Conventional Bullet Points 

Today’s digital consumers love to skim content, which is why certain visual elements and small bites of information work best on a landing page. Bullet points quickly offer all of the information that they need to solve the issue, and you can design different icons that work as bullet point graphics. 

Icons can accentuate text by using your brand style guidelines and playing off the same aesthetic that is woven throughout your site’s design. For example, let’s say you own a pizza shop that focuses on fresh dough and cheese. Your icons for bullets could be all of the ingredients that make people love pizza with a text to explain how your pizza place uses fresh ingredients, multiple kinds of cheese and other perks. 

Look At Data For Above The Fold Design 

Everything that matters is in the header of your webpage or what’s called the “above the fold” section. This area should have the best images, messaging, call-to-action-buttons, urgency symbols and forms that will drive your visitors to take the actions you want.

If you install tools for heat-mapping and A/B testing, you can evaluate different landing pages and home page designs in real-time to see what elements work best for conversions. You can also use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to see average session duration, bounce rate, time on page, and top pages by traffic. 

Google Analytics is also key to understanding dwell time, or the amount of time between the user clicking on a search result and going back to the results page. This is an indicator that the user didn’t find what they were looking for, typically by using the back button. Dwell time means that the user decided not to stay on your page, which may be a de-ranking factor for Google. The goal is to increase dwell time to 10 minutes or more to show that your site was useful. 

Improve The Quality Of Your Site’s Images 

When possible, focus on making the images of your site as authentic and close to reality as possible. Stock images are a good starting point if you are lacking pictures of on-site work. However, as your business’ site grows, you will want to continually improve your images with professional content that is 100% original.

Customers love seeing images and videos of products to help give them a better sense of what you offer. Not only that, but they can also increase your dwell time and could encourage visitors to check out more pages on your site.

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