A social media account that practices content curation.A social media account that practices content curation.A social media account that practices content curation.

How to Use Content Curation to Boost Your Content Marketing Success

Content creation is a great way for large and small businesses alike to share great content with their target audience. But it’s not the only way to put forth quality content! Social media marketing is a key strategy for content curation.

You may already utilize a content curation strategy, but are you doing it effectively? Strap in, and discover tips for sharing content like all the trendy influencers out there.

Benefits of Content Curation

In general, sharing social media content is beneficial. According to data from Meta, when you share your own content on Instagram, 87% of your consumers are likely to take some kind of action – whether that’s following you, visiting your website, or making a purchase.

However, sharing content you curated from various social media platforms can also benefit your business in a number of ways.

Establishing Thought Leadership

When your curated posts come from trusted content sources, it shows that you’re in tune with what’s happening in your industry, do your research, and are a part of the conversation – ultimately positioning you as a thought leader.

Creating Interactive Experiences

When you share content, you join in on the conversation (so it’s not just about your voice). Ask your followers for their opinions on the content you shared – or even ask what they think is the best content. This is an effective way to boost your engagement and get wider exposure (because who doesn’t love sharing their opinion?).

Building Relationships

Content curation doesn’t just create a conversation between you and your audience; it helps you build relationships with other thought leaders in that particular topic you’re curating for, whether that’s influencers, business owners, or researchers. These people may share your original content one day (growing your reach even wider).

Tips For Your Content Curation Strategy

Like any kind of digital marketing, you don’t want to start posting things all willy-nilly.

Not only do you need to follow the basic best practices for content marketing, but several tips for content curation can help take your strategy to the next level.

Schedule Smart – Save Time

The best content curators still create original content for social media channels, but curated content can help with social media management. Using a mix of curated and original content throughout your social media content calendar helps keep things fresh without needing to write or create your own content for every post.

Look to Other Curators

Obviously, we’re not saying to see what another content curator is doing and copying them. However, looking at what content curators post can help find your own style. Do they post from the same content creators regularly? Do they add comments or simply share or repost content? Do they only share high-quality content from reputable sources?

Subscribe to different email newsletters to start getting some ideas. Email marketing and content curation can be best friends if done right, so looking at how other email lists set up their emails can help you find new content sources.

Create a List of Trusted Sources

Create a list of sources that you believe consistently post high-quality content. These content creators are the best to rely on for your content curation strategy.

Ideally, keep this list between 15 and 25 creators. You don’t want to keep sharing from the same accounts all the time, so this gives you some variety without starting from scratch when looking for content.

Types of Content

Don’t just share the same type of content over and over again. Infographics, tweets, LinkedIn posts, webinars, reels, videos, blogs, and images are all great types of content, but no one wants to see the same thing every day. Make sure you roundup some variety on your page to keep things interesting.

Wait Before Posting a New Creator’s Content

Before you add a content creator to your list, bookmark them first. When you find a good piece of content, it’s tempting to repost it immediately and add that creator to your list.

However, it may be better to hold off. While one post may seem promising, you don’t know if they create consistently high-quality content. Instead, check out their new content for the next week or two to determine if it meets your standards. If they do, add them to your list.

Content Curation Tools

Now that you get the gist, let’s cover some automation tools to help you do it.

Hootsuite Streams

Hootsuite Streams allows you to create a RSS feed for certain keywords and topics. You can also easily leave a comment or share content right from the stream.

By adding your social media accounts to Hootsuite, you can access all of your feeds in one place and share directly with your followers, making curation easy and convenient. Hootsuite also has social media calendar capabilities to help with scheduling.


Flipboard’s RSS Feed isn’t as dazzling in terms of functionality as Hootsuite, but it does let you create a cute digital magazine that can mix your original content with created content that you can easily share with your target audience.


This platform learns your search habits and only shows you relevant content and information. It simplifies creating newsletters from that information by offering an easy drag-and-drop template.

Scoop.it supports sharing web articles, Excel spreadsheets, Instagram posts, YouTube Videos, Tweets, and more. You can also add different content sources in a list to organize your search.

Ready to Start Sharing?

And that’s it! A good content curation strategy takes high-quality content and incorporates it into an already planned social media content calendar. Now go forth, and start sharing the best social media posts with the world (whether you post them yourself or hit that share button).