The Benefits of SEO Outsourcing for Your Website

Running a business is a constant battle of efficiency vs profit margin.

As a business owner, you must always weigh the potential of return on investment (ROI). Which is why SEO outsourcing may not seem to make much sense initially. It’s just writing, right? How hard can it be?

The truth is, companies who outsource their SEO work see a much higher ROI than companies who keep their SEO projects internal. Outsourcing is time-saving and cost-effective, returning money on the backend that the company might not otherwise have seen.

What is SEO?

In case you are curious or just need a refresher, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It describes an industry dedicated to studying trends across search engines and creating content which takes advantage of these trends to drive traffic.

SEO uses research to study what potential customers search for, and uses those phrases as keywords in content. Repeating keywords helps search engines like Google find a website and index it in search results. The more effective the keyword use, the higher a website appears in a search engines results.

It seems simple, but once you really get into the metrics and trends, the job of creating SEO content can easily take many hours a week. So why pay for SEO outsourcing?

Benefits of SEO Outsourcing

It’s true, you can absolutely hand off your SEO work to a current employee or hire someone in-house.

However, the magnitude of an SEO job is going to be a strain on any employee who also has other responsibilities within a company. Hiring someone to dedicate to the job is an option, but why pay an entire salary, complete with benefits and oversight, when you can hire a company of professionals?

Still aren’t convinced? Read on for the top reasons you should outsource your SEO.

1. No Overhead for a New Employee

The biggest problem with hiring someone in-house is the cost involved. Business owners know that while employees are the cogs that make the whole operation run, they do come with that pesky price tag.

This is all not to mention the cost and time associated with the hiring process, training, and oversight an in-house employee requires. Add in salary and benefits, and it’s an expensive proposition.

With SEO outsourcing, you can save time and money for you and your employees. SEO companies have trained writers, and you only pay per project — or as part of a package. Which means you don’t pay for what you don’t need.

2. Immediate Expertise

Many SEO companies keep dozens of writers on staff in niches from finance to health to education. What this means for you is that, for the cost of your service, you have excellent writers at your fingertips who know your industry and know how to take advantage of search trends.

Compare this to hiring in-house. You may find an SEO expert who knows your field, which is fine. But that’s no team. Having an entire company full of experts at your fingertips gives you the opportunity for richer content with more real-world impact.

3. Constant Analysis

SEO companies are constantly monitoring search engine trends so that you don’t have to. As these companies keep an eye on the metrics, they can see what keywords work best at driving traffic.

What’s Your SEO Score?

Enter the URL of any landing page or blog article and see how optimized it is for one keyword or phrase..

This sort of analysis takes time, and it helps to know what you’re looking at when evaluating the mountains of data. By having an SEO company do your content creation, you’ll have a strategy that is constantly updating to match the latest search metrics.

This way, your search traffic is constantly improving without you having to worry about the ins and outs of Google algorithms.

4. Higher Rankings and Traffic

The SEO experts are successful because they are good at what they do. Effective SEO drives you further up in search page results, which drives traffic.

Do you know how to get yourself onto the first page of search results? Maybe not — but SEO experts do — and they are great at it. It’s vital to remember that as search engine rankings climb, so does traffic. And as traffic climbs, so does your revenue.

This is where that high return on investment comes in. Hiring an outside company to ensure that your search rankings continue to climb helps build and secure a loyal client base. Which, in turn, secures a steady flow of capital for your business.

5. Set it and Forget it

Once you have secured an SEO company, content creation no longer needs to be a constant concern. Your job becomes merely an issue of providing topics (with some companies, you don’t even need to do that) and approving content before it goes live.

This gives you the freedom to take care of the parts of your business that keep it running, without having to worry about the behind-the-scenes work of keeping up with your Google rankings!

6. Confidence in Hiring

If SEO isn’t your area of expertise, hiring someone for that role can be daunting. You may not know what to look for or what sort of questions to ask.

By outsourcing your SEO to a company dedicated to content creation, that worry is eliminated. The writers and content creators have already been interviewed, trained, and screened. You can have confidence that they are excellent at what they do.

7. Timely Results

These types of companies work on deadlines. Because their employees aren’t tied up with any of the other workings of a business, they can dedicate their entire work week to creating optimized content for you.

This translates into rapid turnaround of quality work. There’s no need to start nagging employees to make sure that the latest blog post is done, no post scheduling, and no worrying that your online presence is falling off.

This also means that as new content is generated, search engines are constantly indexing your new material and your search ranking is continually improving.

8. Beginning to End Management

Outside of the initial contracting of the SEO company, there is little for you to do in terms of oversight. Once the project is in the hands of your SEO provider, they take over the management, from assigning a writer to proofreading and editing, optimization, links, and scheduling.

This becomes an entire aspect of the business that you no longer need to even think about. That leaves you with some valuable time to worry about other things — like the 75 emails you received in the past hour.

9. Customizable for your Needs

The beauty of paying professionals to do the heavy lifting is that it is, by nature, entirely tailored to your needs. From post length to keyword saturation to post frequency, you get to decide what your company needs — after all, you’re the one running the operation!

If you only need one post a month, hiring someone in-house seems silly. Contracting one post per month is more cost-effective and makes more sense financially. By the same token, if you want to post weekly, an SEO company will be able to handle the workload and turn out quality content in a timely manner.

10. Definitive Strategy From the Beginning

You will often hear marketing experts talk about “SEO strategy”. For many companies, this can take time to develop and comes from many months of trial and error. Learning to link social media sites and follow search metrics to glean the best keywords takes time and effort from your entire team.

Contracting an SEO company takes care of all those factors for you. Because SEO experts already know what works and what doesn’t, they are able to take your key audience, match it to effective social media and keywords, and create an solid SEO strategy without any guesswork.

This takes a huge amount of stress off of you as a business owner, and allows you to concentrate on growing your business without feeling like you need an extra degree in digital marketing.

11. Expert Work for Less Cost

Keep in mind that SEO companies keep a varied staff, and because they take care of the overhead, they can afford to pay these experts while spreading out the cost.

What this translates to — for you as the business owner — is expert SEO work at a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee. Even if you gave the job to an existing employee rather than hiring new, outsourcing is going to provide you with timely, better-qualified content without sacrificing in-house productivity.

In the end, the answer is obvious. Hiring a company of SEO experts to provide better quality content that will in turn churn out higher ROI makes more sense than trying to take care of it in-house. This is even before other services provided by SEO companies like social media management and website optimization are taken into account!

Have you found your own benefits to SEO outsourcing? If so, let us know in the comments below.